Through the Gates of Hell

Picture the scene: Dave, Mike and me had just finished recording Geek News Radio 55. Dave's run off to bed and Mike and me are shooting the shit over Discord for a while longer. At this point, I'm on about five Flensburger "fancy blondes". I'm discussing "Operation SOAP" with Mike, ie. our plans to meet up for Sabaton Open Air in August. He's like: "Hey, Fab. Why don't you drive up to meet me and the lads in Copenhagen on the bike? We'll jump in the car and you can follow us to Falun on the Guzzi." In my drunken stupor, I thought that was a great idea. And I tweeted it.

SOAP: Hamburg to Falun

Yeah, well. Sabaton themselves replied to that tweet today. It looks like I'm on the hook now. I'll be riding on the bike to Sabaton Open Air 2018. I might as well visit Little Steven in Lillyhammer while I'm at it. I'll be almost that close to the polar circle. Nuts!

There's only one way to do this now. Cue up Primo Victoria and ignore the pain in my hands and arse that will be part of doing over 1,000 km in two days. Through the gates of hell!!!

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