Eighth Edition

Dark Imperium

The next edition of Warhammer 40K is coming next month. While I've been previously feeling a lot of trepidation about the changes ahead, I'm becoming more and more excited about what's in store for us. Now that we've learned that they haven't nuked the fiction (thank the Emperor) and that the #newmarines don't completely look like crap (even though I still think messing with Daddy's plan is base heresy, looking at you Girlyman), I'm actually starting to be kind of on board. This new, really good episode of The Crate & Crowbar's Miniatures Monthly podcast has helped with that a lot. You should listen to it.

I got back into 40K when I moved to London a few years ago. I hadn't touched it since my teenager days and I bought the 6th Edition rulebook on a whim, which led me to buying the Dark Vengeance starter box as well – I still haven't painted about half the miniatures in there, I am loathe to admit. All of this prompted me and Dave getting together to record our first podcast: Angels of Death. In the course of the following years I didn't play many games, but I had a lot of fun modelling and painting miniatures. I do not have enough time for it, but this hobby has become a haven of peace and quiet away from a very stressful job. When 7th Edition came out, I never bothered with it, because not having opportunities to play the game, the rules changes didn't interest me much. I kept buying books for the lore, though, and I kept modelling and painting.

I'm not quite sure what to expect from 8th Edition but maybe the significant AoS-style rule changes mean I will actually get a game or two in now. It sounds like they didn't turn the game completely into AoS, though, which is good in my book. Aside from the new lore which I find completely appalling, some things I read about that game's rules also seemed too simplistic for my tastes. We will see. At the very least, I will definitely get the base book for the new edition. I also just bought some of the existing supplements, because I really loved the lore in Fall of Cadia and Games Workshop is saying they won't sell these any more once the new edition comes out. That's a bit of a shame, but there are exciting times ahead!

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