Alan Bligh, May He Reign Forever

I recently learned that Alan Bligh has passed away. I never knew the man but remember him fondly. Basically, whenever I read his name in the credits page of a Games Workshop book, I pretty much knew I'd like it. And coming from me, that's huge. This was in the age before GW stopped giving their writers credits in the books (these days, it's all "produced by the nameless machine that is Games Workshop from Nottingham"), presumably because Matt Ward got one too many ribbings by the fans.

Alan Bligh

Back in the old days, I immediately paid attention when Alan Bligh's name came up. And no wonder, his stuff was good. Very good. But don't listen to me. Let his good friend John French, who's a fucking badass writer and a damn nice guy himself, tell you all about Alan Bligh. We lost a great one that day. May he be remembered!

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