Salomé is Dead

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The big 29-04-3303 event just ended with the death of Cmdr Salomé. Her three co-conspirators seem to have made it. Meanwhile, some logs (supposedly from her ship) seem to have been found in the Teorge system.

There's video footage of the kill. Apparently, it was an inside job. She was killed by Harry Potter, a well known griefer and part of a group known for backstabbing and trolling. In a proper EVE-like drama, this group was apparently given access to the pro-Salomé communication channels meant only for Commanders pledged to defend her life. The group meant to be defending her earned a lot of criticism recently for onerous restrictions placed on Commanders willing to help. How ironic, and somewhat predictable, that all of this security theatre could not prevent Salomé's downfall.

Drew Wagar will now have to record her death in his novel Premonition. I wonder how he will deal with her killer's stupid name.

46 Eridani

I spent most of this event jumping around aimlessly, having failed to instance with Cmdr Salomé in 46 Eridani. I never saw any of the major players in this little drama, but had fun nonetheless. It felt nice being part of a big event, even if there was basically nothing going on. But then, it was a Saturday night and I was drinking beer. Without this event, I would probably have shipped textiles around the galaxy – it's not like that would have been much more exiting.

It looks like the vast majority of people had the exact same experience than me. Aside from some streamers and well-known community people, only a handful of working stiffs stumbled across Salomé or her compatriots. I can understand the criticism that gets levelled at this. Stuff like this certainly isn't fun for a huge number of people who want to be part of something and don't have my laissez-faire attitude about these things (something that seems to have grown even more pronounced since joining the Hutton Truckers). To be fair, this wasn't an official event organised or even promoted by Frontier, though.

Still, I do tend to agree that the Elite Dangerous community has a problem. Events, both official and unofficial, often mirror the game world a bit too closely in that they are elitist (yeah, I had to go there) and closed to a majority of players who don't have cutting edge ships or knowledge that is only communicated by special people in special places using special language that will completely bypass new and more casual players. It's a bit like that special ship paint job you can only get by going to an event in the US – it's neat for all the people who can get there, but those who can't possibly make it miss out on something cool, largely for reasons that are not under their control.

On the Hunt

I'm not quite sure how I'd have fixed tonight's event, but I do know that it could've worked a lot better. I had fun as it is, but I'd have loved to get some footage of Salomé or even just a huge dust-up in space in her wake. I guess here's one thing in which Elite has not yet managed to eclipse EVE's single-instance magic.

  1. Drew Wagar has posted his own post mortem (literally).

  2. Ars Technica has a nice write-up. Although I'm not sure everything accepted as fact in there has actually been confirmed.

  3. More details on Polygon. If you find their writing style as insufferably grinding as I did, try to persevere. It gets better from about the middle of the piece.

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