Elite Players Uncover Formidine Rift Mystery

There has been a storyline within the Elite Dangerous background fiction concerning an area of space called the Formidine Rift since 2014. It all started with the books by author Drew Wagar and was expanded upon in many GalNet articles. The biggest mystery of this storyline has just been solved.

As Drew himself puts it:

In the early hours of this morning, the combined efforts of uncounted numbers of Elite Dangerous players came to a head with the discovery of an abandoned ‘mega’ ship far out in the depths of the galactic void.

Players went looking, triangulating the course as they uncovered other clues. Beacons, bases, puzzles, obfuscation and misdirection… 3 years have passed. Players also changed the outcome, and have yet to decide the resolution of this particular premonition.

I may have written this story, but it was brought to life by the incredible development team at Frontier Developments. Voice acting (provided by the amazing Amelia Tyler and Jay Britton), music, sound effects and the amazing ship model itself were created to bring the story to life in such a grander way than mere text can convey.

Here's what it looks and sounds like:

Pretty damn cool. I hope I get the chance to check it out in the game for myself.

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