Frame Shift

If you look at the Sixgun TV YouTube channel, you'll notice that I haven't done much with it in the last couple of years. I'm planning to change that this year. I mean it; I even bought a video editor. Dave will be happy to hear that it isn't filthy open source and that I am supporting software development jobs in India.

The project I'm tackling is to create a semi-regular video show about the Elite Dangerous universe – in particular its spaceships. The idea is for the show to be the Grand Tour of spaceships. Filled with fun, adventure and opinions.

In a first for Sixgun Productions, I'm scripting the show. I recently went to a training course for professional radio narration and I'm looking forward to putting the skills I acquired there to good use. I realise I'll never be Clarkson or Hammond, but I figure it never hurts to aim high, right? I've always kinda done that with my Sixgun projects. Sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it turns out OK. Time will tell.

As a first test, I've created a teaser trailer. Have a look:

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