Shoeless Actors, Bostin Jellyfish

GNR 36

Very early in the history of Geek News Radio, we had the incredible fortune to have Nick Farmer on the show, the talented linguist who created the Belter language for the TV version of The Expanse. I think I just off the cuff asked him to be on the show on Twitter and he, to my amazement, said yes. Is was a fun episode to record and one that was very well received by our listeners. Because of that, I wanted to have Nick back on for ages but didn't want to pressure him and also kind of forgot for a while.

I recently discovered that Nick had actually written me soon after that recording to recommend a friend of his as an interview partner1. I discovered this after Nick got in touch with me again on Twitter, asking if we'd do another show to discuss a post-apocalyptic novelette called The Survivors which he had just finished. He graciously sent me a review copy so I could check it out.

Yesterday, I released that recording. I think it turned out really well. It features Nick, Dave2 and myself discussing Nick's book and how he went about writing it. We also catch up with him about his involvement with Belter on the second season of The Expanse which just wrapped up and ask him the question many listeners wanted us to ask ever since his first appearance on the show: how the hell he manages to learn that many languages.

Even if you don't listen to GNR regularly, this is probably an episode you want to check out.

I promise to have Nick on again. Much sooner than last time. Promise.

  1. That friend is Eliot Peper. I'm planning to get him on an episode, as soon as I had some time to read at least some of his stuff.

  2. Dave jumped in for Char at the last minute, who is in crunch mode writing content for Divinity: Original Sin II. I still want her and Nick on an episode together some time in the future. Char's proficiency with languages and her knowledge about literature make her the perfect host to talk to Nick.

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