Space Proles and Painful Conditions

Even though I've had a hell of a few weeks going back and forth between Hannover and Hamburg as well as being busy getting my motorbike up and running again, I've actually found the time to record and release not one, but two, podcast episodes. You should check them out:

GNR 38

In Geek News Radio 38, Dave's friend Yue joined us to endlessly enthuse with him about EVE Online. If this sounds boring to you, fear not. It was actually a great episode. We also talked about the new Dark Tower movie that's coming up and chatted a bit about Warhammer 40K things.

GNR 39

For Geek News Radio 39, I reviewed Prey, a game I like a lot so far. This time it was only Dave and me on the show and the ratholes, as you'd expect from that setup, were endless. We also talked a bit about what we've seen so far of Star Trek: Discovery and I tell the story of my newest tattoo.

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