Coming Home to Hutton

Since joining the Hutton Orbital Truckers in December, it's been on my to-do list to undertake the legendary journey to Hutton Orbital myself. As you can imagine, this is a bit of a rite of passage and a point of pride for the Hutton Truckers and even some of the larger Elite community.

Welcome to Hutton Orbital

Hutton Orbital

The journey takes about 90 minutes in supercruise because Hutton Orbital is in orbit around Eden which itself orbits Proxima Centauri. Since the nav beacon in the Alpha Centauri system is close to the binary system of Alpha Centauri A/B, one has to fly the 0.22 ly to Proxima in cruise speed.

0.22 ly

There's no real skill to it, other than to make sure that the ship has fuel reserves for about an hour and a half and breaking in time as not to overshoot the target at about 2000 times the speed of light. It's more a test of endurance, really.

If you make it, you get to sample the rare Centauri Mega Gin from the fabled Hutton Mug. And you have another spacer story to tell, of course.

The Defiant at Hutton

Been there, got the gin, got the mug, said hello to Alvin and buggered off again. I think I can call myself a proper trucker now.

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