A Peeper Named "Frank"

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Played Subnautica all morning, such a good game

I’ve been playing Subnautica all morning. It’s such a good game, especially if you’re working through the weekend and badly need some time to relax. I’m just not in a mood for stories in games right now – I’ve been writing so much, I don’t have the mental capacity to process them at the moment. What I need is a beautiful game where you can just dawdle around for a while. And Subnautica is just that. It’s perfectly happy for you to ignore its story and just do your underwater Minecraft thing. That is something you don’t find in many high production value games these days… and it’s great!

So this morning, I was mostly collecting resources on the sea floor, explored a wreck or two and built out my deep sea base. And I nearly got eaten wholesale with my Seamoth by a Reaper. That was scary.

I’m really happy with the spot I’ve picked for my base and how it is coming along after a bit over 40 hours of play. I even have an aquarium now with a pet Peeper who I’ve called Frank. He’a cool.

Man, I had forgotten how much I like a good underwater game. Thank the Emperor Subnautica came along!