Forstamt Pochinki

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There's a new PUBG team in town

Today, Niklas and myself were playing some PUBG duo games and in the process we came up with a new team: the Forstamt Pochinki. We basically pretended to be some Beamte from the German forestry office (Forstamt), reacting in a very German way towards some rowdies disturbing the forests and meadows on the classic PUBG map. And by very German reaction, we mean getting airdropped from a Hercules in full millitary gear and handing out 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm fines. Naturally, we were driving around in UAZs a lot.

The Forstamt is an official PUBG team from Geek News Radio and now has a channel on the Sixgun Discord. Come along and have a chat if you like trees and want to join the elite Forstamt Breaching Squad. Just remember: Littering is a crime and Forstverleumdung is punishable by death.