Ah Fuck

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I'm afraid I lost a podcast episode

I’m an idiot. I’ve lost an episode of Geek News Radio. And by “lost”, I mean I have deleted the recording file and can’t get it back. I’ve tried to recover the file all morning, but by nature of the stupidity that was involved, I’m afraid it’s unrecoverable.

Dave, Mike and me had recorded what was to be GNR 59 on the same evening as episode 58. We were going to release it tomorrow, on 1 April, calling it “Greek News Radio”. We pretended to all have moved to Greece and only talked about Greek tech news and the like. It was really quite funny. Unfortunately, because I’m stupid, it is never going to see the light of day. I am really, really sorry about this. It is entrirely my fault.

I had named the file the wrong thing and deleted it about a week ago, because I thought it was an older recording. And because the file was so big (a raw WAV file) and I’d used my computer quite a lot to edit other episodes since then (creating a lot of large files that were saved to that disk), I can’t recover it. And my automatic backup didn’t back it up, because it had the wrong name. Hence: I’m an idiot. 😭

It’s been years since I have lost a podcast recording. I had actually forgotten, how much it hurts. It’s a crushing feeling of helplessness. You’ve lost something that was probably great and that you can never get back. Well, fuck.

The only thing I can do now is move on. We already recorded episode 60 last week, so Dave and me are going to record a one-off episode we will slot in as episode 59 and then I’ll release both of those. Obviously, our April Fools joke is now dead because of this fuckup. But it seems like it was never meant to be anyway.