I spent over an hour at work today trying to configure Fedora on my laptop to connect to our office VPN. I copied certs and keys, edited config files and generally tried to get ipsec and strongswan to play nice. I finally figured out that, against what the documentation, all the guides and many people on the internet say, you have to completely shut down and restart the ipsec service for it to pick up certain changes. An ipsec reload doesn't cut it. You have to restart the bastard. Almost as if you're running fucking Windows.

When I finally figured this out and the VPN was running nicely, I ran over to the fellas at the hardware desk and shouted about Linux in frustration. I did this, because we have this long running mock argument going about whether Linux or Windows is the better operating system. After I ran in, colleague Christian Hirsch said "can you do this again, my camera wasn't running?" I did. He put the video on YouTube. I then made a GIF out of it and went home.

Colleague Jan-Keno Janssen then proceeded to share this GIF from the c't and heise online Facebook accounts while he was boarding a plane. The rest, as they say, is history. I think I'm a meme now.


P.S.: I think the best thing about this video is the Sabaton shirt I was wearing. A happy accident.

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