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Hannah Arendt Days

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I'm giving a big speech tomorrow, I hope I am ready
Tomorrow, I’m giving a talk at the Heise HQ as part of the interactive exhibition Geheimnis1, which is put on by the City of Hanover. The exhibition is part of the prestigious Hannah Arendt Days, a yearly academic event that examines current political or sociological trends. It is named after the historian and political theorist Hannah Arendt. This year, it is all about secrets and how computers and the internet change what secrets mean for modern societies.


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Yet another musical discovery
Someone on Google+ linked me to the Swedish metal band Raubtier when I posted about Sabaton. If you know me, you know that I am quite picky when it comes to metal. It’s very hard for other bands to compete with Joakim’s voice. I was skeptical at first. But these guys are quite good. I have no fucking clue what they are singing about, though. I can make out the word “Panzer” here or there, but that’s about it.

GNR 57 Released

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I've been slacking lately, but here's a podcast
It’s been ages since Dave, Mike and me did episode 57 of Geek News Radio (we recorded on 27 February, to be precise) and I’ve finally gotten around to release it. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been massively busy at work lately. In this episode, we talk about Divinity: Original Sin II, Warhammer 40K and personal planners. We also used a VoIP service called Studio Link to record the show – it should noticeably improve our audio quality.

A Peeper Named "Frank"

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Played Subnautica all morning, such a good game
I’ve been playing Subnautica all morning. It’s such a good game, especially if you’re working through the weekend and badly need some time to relax. I’m just not in a mood for stories in games right now – I’ve been writing so much, I don’t have the mental capacity to process them at the moment. What I need is a beautiful game where you can just dawdle around for a while.

Beautiful Map Wallpapers

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Use Mapbox to create wonderful wallpaper images from maps
I’ve had a free Mapbox account for years now to play around with digital cartography. But recently, I’ve discovered a really good everyday use for it. They wrote this cool blog post about using their API playground to create wallpaper images. They have some really amazing map styles to choose from and you can pick any place on the planet at a zoom level of your choice. Here’s my home, the north of Hamburg, rendered Linux-terminal style:

The War on Drugs

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I've discovered a new band
Yesterday, I discovered a new band called The War on Drugs. Their song Holding On is part of the FIFA 18 soundtrack. I’d never heard of them before. They’ve got a very definite Dylan vibe, which is always a good thing in my eyes. I’m currently listening to their 2017 album A Deeper Understanding and like it very much. If you like Dylan and modern, yet grungy rock guitars, give them a listen.

Hello World!

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A mission statement for this blog
Today, I’m embarking on a new blogging project. Something that I’ve had planned for a very long time. I’m building my own microblog – just for myself. People who’ve known me for a while know that blogging doesn’t work for me. I always get these huge plans into my head and overburden myself which then leads to me basically never writing a post. I’ve tried to get a blog started with many different approaches over the last decade and it never stuck.