On the recommendation of Char, I recently watched all of Taboo. What a great show. I would go as far as saying it's almost as good as The Expanse.

Stress at work has been gradually building to an almost unbearable level over the last three to four weeks, with last week being the worst I've ever experienced since I started in this job. As it's not the usual problem with huge workloads or just very many things that have to get done right this second, but rather more of a organisational and psychological thing, I've found it very hard to cope. Watching Tom Hardy's masterpiece has helped with that a lot.

Why is this show so good and what is it about, you ask? Well, as for the latter, I am not sure I can answer that even after watching all of the first season. It's about colonialism, the 19th century, a weird and excentric badass who is an utter enigma, it's about magic, the War of 1812, slavery and it's about the East India Company. But all of this only scratches the surface of its story. I'll probably have to see it all again to come even close to comprehending it all. On first glance, it gives the appearance of a period drama, but it's obviously so much more than that.

The question of why the show is so good is much easier to answer. First and foremost: Tom Hardy. He's always excellent, but this role was clearly tailor-made for him and it shows. He's simply divine as James Keziah Delaney. Then there's the writing, which is also amazing – with heavy influences of Shakespeare, which in my book is always a winner. And last but not least, the show has style. From the costumes to the locations to the cinematography... it's simply perfect. Hmmmmm...

I don't care who you have to disembowel to make it happen. Watch this show!

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