Holy Shit, Mechs

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BattleTech is out
BattleTech came out yesterday. And holy fuck is it good. I had completely forgotten about this until Steam reminded me yesterday morning and I bought it straight away. I actually played the tabletop game back in the day, even before I got into Warhammer 40K. MechWarrior 3 is one of my favourite all-time games to this very day. I still remember the goose bumps I got from the intro as if it was yesterday.

Forstamt Merchandising

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You heard right
I’ve designed a new logo for the Forstamt Pochinki. It’s based on the great design Niklas came up with. I just cleaned it up and made a vector version. And just for the hell of it, I also made some shirts. I’ve had a Spreadshirt store for Sixgun Productions for a while but wasn’t doing anything with it, so I thought I might as well use that. Some might say I’m taking this little inside joke way too far, but fuck ‘em.

KGD 2 is Out

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Episode 2 of Kantenglättung Deluxe has been released
If you speak German and like video games, you might be interested in a podcast episode I’ve just released. Last month, my colleague Martin and me started a German language video games podcast where we talk about old and new games, called Kantenglättung Deluxe. I’ve unleashed the second episode of that show on the world. It’s all about Tomb Raider: the old games, the new games and the Alicia Vikander movie.

First Win for the Forstamt

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We got a PUBG 3-Man Squad win
Niklas, Martin and myself just scored a 3-Man Squad win in PUBG for Forstamt Pochinki. And on Miramar no less! I think it’s safe to say that the Forstamt does not only keep the woods on Erangel safe but is also very successful in patrolling the desert. +++ ATTENTION PEOPLE +++ Forstamt troopers @fabsh, @martin_fischer and @NiklasMM have successfully acquired poultry supper. Free beer for everyone! #PUBG — Forstamt Pochinki (@PochinkiForst) March 27, 2018

Meet the SeaQuest

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I've finally built myself a Cyclops in Subnautica
It’s been quite a while, but I’ve finally managed to built myself a Cyclops in Subnautica. I had to name the ship SeaQuest1, of course. Isn’t she glorious? The thing is huge! It’s basically a mobile base. You can even place furniture and crafting equipment inside it. And it has a docking bay for the Seamoth and the Prawn Suit. I can’t wait to go exploring in it, although it’s a bitch to steer and I’m a bit worried I’ll get attacked by leviathans.

Forstamt Pochinki

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There's a new PUBG team in town
Today, Niklas and myself were playing some PUBG duo games and in the process we came up with a new team: the Forstamt Pochinki. We basically pretended to be some Beamte from the German forestry office (Forstamt), reacting in a very German way towards some rowdies disturbing the forests and meadows on the classic PUBG map. And by very German reaction, we mean getting airdropped from a Hercules in full millitary gear and handing out 5.


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World of Tanks has hit 1.0
After – what? – almost eight years, World of Tanks has reached version 1.0. Basically that means the game has a new graphics engine… and it’s glorious! After years of internal work, over a month of public testing – and then even more internal iteration – the biggest update in the history of World of Tanks is nearly upon us! It elevates the game to 2018 standards in graphics and sound with the switch to a completely new graphics engine, Core, and introduces a new authentic soundtrack.

Ship's Log of the Marie Galante

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Exploring deep space in Elite Dangerous
Since the beginning of December, my primary Elite Dangerous character Richard Brannigan has been on a deep space exploration mission in the game aboard his ship, the Marie Galante. I’ve just uploaded the lastest ship’s log in the ongoing saga. If you want to catch up on previous log entries, there’s a playlist available.

On the Prowl with c't pr0ne

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Playing some PUBG with the gang
It’s been a while since I’ve played some PUBG with the full c’t Pr0ne gang1, but tonight we got the band back together to play some games. Not that we did that well… We made it to 4th three times, but I didn’t get a single kill in any of the games. I was mostly just spraying covering fire, trying to stay alive. We had a lot of fun though. The best scene of the night involved Fischer capsizing my buggy with his bike (don’t trust that man around a motorcycle) and then trying to right it again by running into it repeatedly.

Spoiler Alert, Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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A video discussing the movie, and a game announcement
Having seen the new Tomb Raider movie, I was a guest on the heise show Spoiler Alert to discuss the flick with my colleagues André and Nico. It’s in German and it – obviously – includes spoilers. Speaking of raided tombs: Square Enix this week confirmed that a third game in the reboot series is set to launch in September. They will unveil more details about the game on 27 April.