The Survivors

I've recently finished reading The Survivors, which is the debut novelette1 from Nick Farmer. Nick is the guy responsible for creating the Belter patois for The Expanse and a contributor to Geek News Radio. He was so nice to give me an advance review copy of the book and we will be talking about it on an upcoming GNR episode. Anyway, it is now available to buy for everyone.

I really enjoyed reading it. It's pretty short, but has an intriguing premise that is right down my alley – seeing as it is set in a not-so-distant post-apocalypse reality. It's very Fallout, especially in the way it deals with the zombie genre. I generally can't stand zombie stories, but as is the case with Fallout, this worked for me. I think it could have been fleshed out more. There's a setting here that could have easily been turned into a short novel. Maybe Nick will return to it.

One can tell that Nick's still finding his voice and the writing is a bit rough around the edges in places. But it definitely has promise and I enjoyed it a lot. Plus it features double Deagles. At three bucks for the Kindle version you basically can't go wrong for an hour's worth of entertainment that also makes you think.

  1. Which I recently learned, is a literary form that is shorter than a novella but longer than a short story.

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